Your extra protection.

Intelligent add-ons to supplement your insurance.

There are some situations in life in which you might want to extend your insurance cover – precisely tailored to your personal requirements. We can help you with suitable supplementary insurance through our partner.

Audi BKK has had many years of trusting and successful collaboration with Audi Bank in the area of private supplementary insurance. It offers you a targeted selection of high-quality private insurance provisions with exclusive conditions for Audi BKK members, such as immediate insurance cover. Consulting and procurement are handled by Audi Bank. You can take advantage of supplementary insurance at special conditions:

Travel health insurance

When you really want to relax on holiday and leave everyday stress far behind, supplementary insurance in addition to the European Health Insurance Card is indispensable. Enjoy your time overseas with complete peace of mind – with supplementary insurance for international travel.

Supplementary dental insurance

Whether for dentures, dental treatment or professional teeth cleaning, supplementary dental insurance can help you to avoid costly private surcharges when you visit the dentist.

Supplementary dental insurance for children

Whether your child needs braces or a replacement for a lost tooth, supplementary dental insurance for children reimburses the costs of orthodontic procedures and provides proportionate cover for the cost of dentures.

Supplementary hospital insurance

Anyone who requires inpatient hospital treatment wants top-quality care and assistance. If, in addition to the statutory basic provision, you want to be able to decide who treats you or how many people you share a room with, private supplementary insurance is a good choice.

Supplementary glasses insurance

Supplementary glasses insurance can reduce your own contribution for new optical aids by up to 90 per cent.

Appointment service center

You deserve the very best care – round the clock. Our nationwide appointment service centers are on hand to make appointments for you with GPs, paediatricians and specialists in reasonable reach of your home within one week.

The service centers can arrange acute psychotherapeutic treatment within two weeks. They can also schedule initial consultations (psychotherapeutic consultations) and therapy sessions.

Simply call the free telephone number 116 117.

Doctor and hospital finder

Whether you’re looking for the right hospital, GP or care service, we are here to help with any difficult decisions you have to make. In just a few clicks, our HealthFinder helps you to find the assistance you need for a swift and comfortable recovery.

In addition to basic information such as the addresses of hospitals, medical practices and care services, it provides key details on areas of specialisation and available facilities.

Travel vaccinations

Travel safely and save money with our travel cover. We assume the full cost of all travel vaccina
tions recommended by the German Standing Committee
on Vaccination (STIKO), including the medical expenses. We also provide free travel-related medical advice, ensuring you know exactly which vaccinations you need for your destination.

Starting early – BKK Starke Kids

Every child develops and discovers the world at their own pace. However, if there is any concern about your child’s development, we are here to help. After all, early detection enables more successful treatment. The BKK Starke Kids programme serves as an early-warning system – we offer specialist examinations and tests to ensure that any possible developmental concerns are identified at an early stage.

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