German Social Insurance System

Here for you and your peace of mind.

Life can change in a heartbeat, for example through sudden illness or a serious accident. It is then all the more important to be suitably protected in order to prevent financial hardship. In Germany, you will benefit from a comprehensive social security system.

Have you taken up a position in a German company? If so, you are entitled to remuneration and in most cases, will be included in certain branches of statutory social security. These are there to protect you against risks that could endanger your existence. The main branches of social security in Germany are:

Health insurance

The German health service – and especially the statutory health insurance – is based on the principle of solidarity. After all, every insured person receives the same medical services regardless of their age, gender or health status. Most Germans are members of the statutory health insurance system and enjoy comprehensive and extremely high-quality medical care.

As a member of a statutory health insurance fund, you pay a monthly contribution to the provider. This contribution is based on your monthly income, up to a certain maximum limit. Your employer pays a contribution for you, too. Your husband, wife or civil partner are also insured if they have no or little income of their own. Your children are included up to a certain age, too – regardless of whether they are still in education.

In Germany, you are free to choose your statutory health insurance fund. The contribution rate is the same for all funds. Health insurance funds also charge different additional premiums. It is a good idea to compare the various provisions, services and offers. Audi BKK offers its members health protection that unites a wide range of services with an attractive additional premium. Find out more under ‘Well-protected every step of the way’ on page 12.

One of the main services provided by statutory health insurance is cost assumption for:

  • Medical treatment and prescriptions
  • Hospital treatment and rehabilitation
  • Doctor and midwife care during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Preventive examinations and screening for children and adults
  • Dental care and treatments
  • Recommended vaccinations
  • Psychotherapy
  • Home nursing or palliative care in certain circumstances

Sickness benefit for subsistence, also if the member has to care for sick children (see also child sickness benefit, page 18)

Treatments such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy and aids such as wheelchairs, hearing aids and prostheses

Long-term care insurance

If you should need care, long-term care insurance covers part of the costs involved. It therefore reduces the high financial risk of requiring care in the event of an accident or illness or due to old age. Members over the age of 23 without children pay an additional premium for long-term care insurance.

Accident insurance

Have you had an accident at work? Statutory accident insurance covers the costs of medical treatment and your subsequent return to work. It also helps in the event of work-related illness, providing comprehensive healthcare and any retraining that may become necessary. Accident insurance is funded through employer contributions.

Unemployment insurance

Losing your job is a daunting experience that brings many worries. In Germany, however, unemployment does not mean that your basic existence is at risk. If you become unemployed, have worked for at least one year during the last 30 months and are actively looking for a new job, the statutory unemployment insurance fund will pay you an income for a certain period of time.

Pension insurance

Once you have retired, the statutory pension insurance fund will pay you a pension. The amount of your pension depends on how high your income was and how many years you worked in Germany.

Pension contributions made in Germany are not lost if you move back to your home country. Anyone who has worked for more than five years in Germany is entitled to a pension. For shorter periods, contributions can enhance your pension if there is a social security agreement with your home country. If no such agreement exists, you can request a refund for your contributions two years after you return to your home country. Please note that only the employee contribution can be refunded.

Social security card

As an employee, you will receive a social security card with your social security number. You can also order one from the Audi BKK online centre.

You need to give this number to your employer.

It is important to keep your social security card in a safe place as you will need to provide it for various procedures. It is only issued once and is valid for life.