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German social insurance system

Introduction to the German health system

The German social insurance system consists of four main components:

  • statutory health insurance,
  • statutory long-term care insurance,
  • social pension insurance,
  • statutory unemployment insurance.
Statutory health insurance

In Germany general obligatory insurance has been in place since April 1, 2007. That means that one must be insured, if one

  • is an employee,
  • and earns more than 450 € per month.

The contribution rate is uniform across the country. The contribution one must pay for statutory health insurance is calculated as a percentage of one’s gross salary.

As of January 1, 2015 this amounts to 15.3% of the gross salary (employee: 8.0%, employer: 7.3%). Contributions are only calculated up to 4350.00 € per month.

The funds are paid into a health fund. This fund distributes the money to the health insurers.

Statutory health insurance companies, which do not receive enough money from the health fund, can require an auxiliary contribution of their members.

The two different health insurance systems in Germany

  • Statutory health insurance is regulated by the German state. In principle one’s family is co-insured by statutory insurance free of charge.
  • One may contract a private health insurance plan only in certain cases; for example, if one’s salary exceeds a certain amount (2017: 57.600 € per year). In private insurance each family member is insured separately.

Contributions to a private health insurance plan depend on one’s risk profile, thus age and state of health. Risk impacts and benefit exclusions are possible.

Private insurance plans are not always better. In each case you should compare the pros and cons of both systems thoroughly.

The employees of Audi BKK will gladly help you.

The benefits of statutory health insurance

With statutory health insurance one receives an insurance card, which is to be submitted with each physician or hospital visit.

Specific features of Audi BKK

Audi BKK offers all benefits of statutory health insurance. Your needs and wishes are our main concern.

What does Audi BKK offer for you?

  • Audi BKK offers you an individual contact person:
  • Audi BKK offers an attractive bonus program "AktivFit“: 120 € for a member and an accompanying family member.
  • Audi BKK supports prevention courses at the high rate of 180 € per year
  • Audi BKK offers a special health week “Gesundheitswoche” supported with 175 €.
  • Audi BKK pays expenses for protective inoculations (also for private journeys abroad).
  • Audi BKK pays for house help, in case of the illness of the person who does it normally.
  • Audi BKK offers prevention programs for mothers and children.
  • Audi BKK bears the expenses of homoeopathic treatments with participating doctors.
  • Audi BKK offers a medical health information line: + 49 800 2834255 (free within Germany).
  • Audi BKK online branch is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:
  • Audi BKK offers additional options: premium payment (return of contribution) and deductible rate.
  • Audi BKK offers attractive supplementary insurances - individual and low-priced.
  • Audi BKK pays a subsidy of 13 € per day to outpatient preventative care (spa therapy).

Statutory long-term care insurance

The acquisition of statutory long-term care insurance is prescribed for all insured person. This insurance covers the costs of dependence on long-term care, which can occur due to accidents, diseases or reasons of age.

Long-term care insurance is contracted with the same insurer, with which one has health insurance. If one is insured with public health insurance, one is also insured by social insurance.

The rate of contribution is uniform throughout Germany. The contributions to the long-term care insurance amount to 2.55% of one’s gross income.

Childless individuals pay an additional 0.25%. The contributions are split 50-50 between the employer and the employee, and are deducted from one’s salary.

Contributions are only calculated up to 4350.00 € per month.

Social pension insurance

The social pension insurance ensures the payment of pensions. All employees must deposit into the national pension insurance system.

In 2017, the contributions amount to 18.70% of the gross income up to an upper limit of 6350 € and are split 50-50 between the employer and the employee.

Statutory unemployment insurance

Statutory unemployment insurance is an obligation for all employees in Germany. The contributions are 3.0% of one’s gross income up to 6350 € and are split 50-50 between the employer and the employee.

Further Information

By telephone, email or in one of our offices – our service team will gladly help you with your questions about the German health system and your insurance at Audi BKK.

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