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Everyday life is busy enough with appointments, so you shouldn’t have to worry about opening times, too. Tick off your to-do list whenever and wherever suits you. Whether you need to submit a sick note, apply for a European Health Insurance Card, change your personal details or want to download a couple of documents, our online centre offers you rapid service and information – round the clock!

Do you prefer to deal with things on your smartphone? The Audi BKK Service-App means you can take care of everything in just a few taps. You can upload your sick note, change your address or bank details or access an overview of all queries you have made via the online centre. You can send personal concerns directly to Audi BKK using the contact form.

Digital Health Services

Online psychotherapy

From time to time, work and private life exposes us to big challenges that we can’t overcome by ourselves. When you need help with your mental health, you need it fast. The online therapy service Kirinus shortens the waiting time: once you have made a request, you will receive an appointment for an initial consultation within two weeks. The psychotherapy that follows takes place flexibly via video chat with a cooperating therapist of your choice. As well as not having to travel, you benefit from digital assignments and feedback between sessions that support the therapy content. You can book your initial consultation directly online at

Kinderheldin midwife consultation and online courses

A good midwife is always willing to answer all your questions and has a wealth of specialist knowledge, advice and tips to share. With Kinderheldin, our free digital midwife consultation, we support all women insured with Audi BKK up to six months from the start of the 7th month of pregnancy. Whether by chat, phone or video call, you can always get in touch with a midwife whenever you need. The consultation service is complemented by video-based online courses to prepare for the birth (in German and English), breastfeeding and post-partum recovery, which are available to insured persons for an unlimited time. Follow-up questions can be discussed with a midwife by phone or via (video) chat after arranging an appointment.Simply request your voucher code from us by writing to Enter the code at, and you’re all set.

Online exercise course with personal coach

Keep fit and active with an exercise course with our partner MotivAktiv, which you can do anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or PC. Choose from our interactive online prevention courses to strengthen your back, shoulders and arms or hips and legs. Take advantage of:

Online nutrition course, including personal coach

A balanced diet is a key element of a healthy lifestyle. Do you want to change your eating habits? With the help of Oviva, you will learn how to eat healthier in the long term:

  • Personal coaching from an in-house nutrition team
  • Advice via app, video, telephone or on-site
  • Individual assistance and personalised recommendations
  • More information:
Online stress management course

Stay healthy even during periods of stress. HelloBetter is here to help – ‘Fit in Stress’ is a scientifically tested psychological online training course with motivating support. It offers eight training sessions to help you to reduce stress yourself: 

  • Supervision by trained psychologists
  • Flexible participation via PC or laptop 
  • Development of coping strategies and resilience
  • More information:

Online course participation is free of charge for Audi BKK customers.
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