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In life, we are constantly faced with new challenges to overcome. Some require a lot of energy. This is when it is all the more important to be able to rely on your strength and health – and we are by your side to help.

With its solid portfolio of services, Audi BKK supports you throughout life’s trials and tribulations. We offer you more than the legally stipulated catalogue of provisions: health, fitness and preventive services, mother-and-child programmes, a wide range of digital solutions and personalised attention. This not only means you have a strong partner by your side when it comes to your health. You also have complete peace of mind, leaving you free to focus on living your life. On the next pages, we provide an initial overview of the benefits that await when you join us.

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That little extra for your health – with GesundheitExtra, we refund you up to 200 euros for certain services – and that’s per calendar year. You are free to choose which services would make sense for you, whether osteopathic treatment, professional teeth cleaning for a healthy smile or even toxoplasmosis screening for your unborn baby. All of these are important treatments we are happy to subsidise. The programme is available from 1 January of each calendar year, but no earlier than the date upon which your insurance starts.

AktivFit bonus booklet

With us, taking care of yourself pays off. We reward members who monitor their health through regular check-ups or keep themselves fit at the gym or in a sports club with a little something extra. To receive your bonus, simply log all of your check-ups or sports memberships in your personal bonus booklet. What’s more, any family members included on your insurance can earn a bonus, too!


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